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I got this question in an e-mail a few days ago, so I did this video. I do videos on request. Here is the link to the demo – Twitter – FaceBook – E-mail – [email protected]

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25 Responses to How To Recover Deleted Files On A Mac

  1. shazam7693 says:

    It doesn’t seem to offer the demo, only a $99 software. Is this my only option now?

  2. xPrimELegacYx says:

    if i put some pictures in the trash can and emptied it, is there a way of getting them back?

  3. RyanJ0o says:

    Link wont work.

  4. mycatisblued says:

    If I need to recover a document on my mac using this will I risk overwriting it when I download the Data Rescue 3 demo? Because I really want it back but I’m worried. Also, can I be sure it will be readable if I do find it? I tried Recuva on my pc to see if I could get if off of my flashdrive but the earlier version of the document that wasn’t overwritten just looks like gibberish after I recovered it. Please help me if you can.

  5. joellevy3 says:

    i have a question, i deleted a video from photobooth some months ago, and i need it now, how can i recover it?

  6. iPlayhockey96 says:

    i deleted a file on my desktop and i emptied the trash bin. i used this program but i still cannot find my file.

  7. carissa1217 says:

    @MultiCoolguy25 go 2 applictions and it should still be there

  8. MultiCoolguy25 says:

    what if you deleted photo booth and garage band by accident

  9. riv3rss says:

    hey! i’m trying to recover some files that i deleted from the trash i did what the video says i even have the serial key and stuff but it says WARNING: the current workspace location is invalid for the scan: workspace cannot exist the volume selected for scanning and it also says that this program only works for external drives…do u have another solution??

  10. xXShownasXx says:

    Link is fucked -.-

  11. szuwen007 says:

    i could only download the new version on that site and that is not really working because it says that i need a serial key, what is weird because i downloaded the demo

  12. TheAppIeGod says:

    Name: any name, your name, go make up a name

    Serial: 6100-5534-9781-4900-2

    or: 6100-3561-0061-7020-2

    or: 6100-5530-1499-5740-2

    or: 6100-6524-2753-1720-2

  13. thenonamekid08 says:

    hooked up the wrong usb HD to my xbox and formatted it , not realizing it was the wrong drive. so my whole partition of backed up files is gone right now. doing a deep scan at the moment. hope this works ?

  14. jonyb0b13 says:

    @iJxzn Lol yeah :p

  15. iJxzn says:

    @jonyb0b13 someone accidentally deleted their collection of bestiality porn LOL.

  16. jonyb0b13 says:

    this program wont go throught your files right? just recover them?

  17. a80a80a80 says:

    @Andy49x me three lol

  18. macandcomputerhelp says:

    @StuftAnimal If you deleted boot camp, I assume that you deleted the partition on your hard drive. If so, there is no way you can recover it. The only possibility would be if you took the hard drive to a computer shop that was really good at recovering deleted content.

  19. Andy49x says:

    @legoreveiwer360 Mee Too! 🙁

  20. masterkongen says:

    How do I with .txt files? (still mac)

  21. FreePs3Challngelobby says:


  22. legoreveiwer360 says:

    thank you so much i deleted minecraft and i need my saves

  23. silvicurlytop says:

    pendejo! everybody can recover an stupid file of 10 mb,but what i need, like all of us, is something for free that can recover the whole thing!

  24. pyroken67 says:

    @xKONViiCT3Dx it was a hacker that got through from my server, damn son of a bitch, how would he like it if i deleted every one of his files!

  25. shumo4 says:

    i try use the data but it say that its need a emty drive n suficient space for the files,plz bro… help me

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