Rami Y LPB asked:

My laptop is too slow and a continuos message of intruders are displayed. Is it possible to trust in Panda or maybe I need to change the antivirus?

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3 Responses to I installed Panda Anti virus+Firewall and I can not navigate in Yahoo or review my mail?

  1. Affron says:

    Change the anti virus and do a lot more of defragmenting.

  2. MINDDOCTOR says:

    Panda is out of Spain and is pure garbage like Nortons. If you have not paid for this junk I would recommend that you remove Panda. (In my spare time, I am a beta tester for antispyware and antivirus software).

    If you wish to pay, you may want to take a look at what I use for a one time fee of $29.99 for life, that includes daily auto. updates and all new versions for life. And is also used by the Govt. Of China. You can evaluate for thirty days with a free key then you must purchase. I used this antivirus for ten years and never had one virus.

    The builders of Twister are very good with responding to any questions that you may have.

    Or if you wish to go free, you can download an excellent free antivirus from Avast free for home personal use. You will get an excellent background scanner, plus on the hour updates.

    Minddoctor, France

  3. ForensicGirl says:

    Panda rates about a 6 on the PC World top antivirus vendors.
    So you are fine there. As long as you purchased the program directly from Panda.

    It clearly sounds like you have not got the program properly configured. I would suggest that you go through the preferences and disable informational alerts (which is what it sounds like you’re receiving from the firewall)… .or the firewall is misconfigured in some other way… which leads to the next issue:

    If you are unable to browse to Yahoo, then again, I would say your firewall is somehow misconfigured… but your best bet would be to contact Panda technical support or to look at their FAQ pages for similar issues.

    Whatever you do, do not disable the firewall… and I would also advise you not to listen to idiots who provide biased remarks which are not helpful to you.

    Good Luck

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