Gregorpm asked:

On the forums, there has been many questions concerning Backtrack. Therefore, we decided to make a video that tries to answer as many as these question as possible. In this episode we cover: Where to get Backtrack 2, How to burn an .ISO file, How to boot Backtrack 2, How to login, and start the GUI interface. Also, we illustrate basic Linux commands, and how to set up your Network Interfaces. Part 1 of 2

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25 Responses to IEFD Ep. 12 – Hacking Basics – Backtrack Part 1

  1. MikeMalaysia says:

    you can run unlimited number of OS on windows ,
    you can have windows xp , vista , Linux , 2000 , win server , 95 . if your CPU can take it you can run 1 million operating system on it .

  2. sk8sheff says:

    @kikbawl linux

  3. DemoCrysis says:

    plz wat name of sond.

    And good video 🙂

  4. jeff28kaizen1 says:

    dude’re such a fucking genius..i bet you have a lot girls!

  5. felixxxxis says:

    its live cd so your windows exists within

  6. 12hasim34 says:

    so my wind7 will be removed after booting??? if i understood it good

  7. xxxlam says:

    Where’s the hacking thing? =)

  8. kikbawl says:

    question….is that a windows OSor is that linux???or is that shell just for backtrack?

  9. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  10. mrwolfer1 says:

    the tutorial is nice dude .. but talking about hacking .. and explaining what ISO is or how to cd .. (???????)

  11. ayoubtidjani says:

    you re the man nice tutorial
    thanks for the upload

  12. heartkiller75 says:


  13. iHackMyPod says:

    @cippen95 Well you can do that, do a dual boot, or run live/persistent off of a USB or CD. Hope this helps.

  14. w4rr3np34c3 says:

    oops I hit dislike on accident but I hit like rite after, sorry if it counted against you im really high

  15. cippen95 says:

    um sillt question here? must i boot to my hard drive?. i dont want my windows fkd up

  16. MikAacC002 says:

    Ty 😀

  17. Ninesvnsicks says:

    Great song Maynard is the man.

  18. ekojk1242 says:

    Just a noobie question. If i burn it on a usb drive (the iso of backtrack) and boot it live. Can i remove the burned data and use the pendrive for other purposes.

  19. baccwil says:

    very nice
    thinks guys
    you help me too match

  20. coilgunner2 says:

    @mogie2006 I don’ think the guy I war responding to was thinking that. I’m pretty sure he thought it was a program.

  21. mogie2006 says:

    ABHBHABHABH dude u can …research VMware

  22. jmm1233 says:

    Backtrack is also on UNebootin for anyone who wants to make a live usb pendrive of it =>.>=
    there is also a virtualpc ready made partition on the website :()

  23. skullmastermw says:

    You boot the computer to backtrack 4 with a cd, and when you restart the computers without the cd goes it back to windows? (or linux), with is saved information?

  24. skullmastermw says:

    You boot the computer to backtrack 4 with a cd, and when you restart the computers without the cd goes it back to windows? (or linux), woth all the saved file?

  25. ModulatedSignal says:

    @SixBreed2 only n00bishish people.

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