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A Public Service Announcement on Internet Safety. You never know who you’re talking to. Special Thanks to: Mr. Frank Musto Commack High School

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25 Responses to Internet Safety

  1. BubbleTeaOMFG says:

    no commack

  2. Bieber73991 says:

    tht was a stranger to them and idk is tht true and thts true

  3. abbyscrodem says:

    i lwys wtch this vidio

  4. TheFunluver101 says:


  5. TheFunluver101 says:

    Who would tell the person where they live, their phone number, their name, their age, what their parents do, and most of all, HANG OUT WITH SOMEONE??

  6. CrystalCyde says:

    LOL stupid kid. XD

  7. EastCoastJew says:

    that predator looks a lot like Chris Prillio

  8. Sweetheat2010 says:

    i got scared ithought he was gonna……do something….

  9. PrincessPeachReal says:

    That got me interested

  10. swichblade4567 says:

    that is a real nail biter

  11. AnorexicNarwhal says:

    I really wanna know what happens next.

  12. peekoispet says:

    Lol at the Saw one music.

  13. peekoispet says:

    Wow I loved that.

  14. twilight5397 says:

    The little girl has found PedoBear, she should be given a reward.

  15. misscaitiebabexoxo says:

    looks like the man thought about it at first…

  16. DeniseAndJordyn says:

    Omg I had to see this at school:/

  17. walkinginsun21 says:

    omg why music from saw movies ???

  18. 180TheDragon says:

    @Weijsam wow!! 🙂 but you got to live in the US right??? here in my country the police is very very far behind such things… they still argue about traffic cameras and illegal imigrants.. and drugs.

  19. Weijsam says:

    @180TheDragon That’s actually how they arested Bill at the dreamsports near me.

  20. TheCompleteWeirdo says:

    Pedophile! (I know it’s fake) haha 😛

  21. onlybieberfan1 says:

    Fuck u girl

  22. greekfox32 says:


  23. 12mrlukas says:

    @Missluckystarlanes its an act

  24. wwetna69 says:

    dohh i really wanned 2 no wah hapon

  25. Missluckystarlanes says:

    Omg is this real? Or just an act to show an example? Either way… WHAT HAPPENED TO HER IF THIS IS REAL?!?!?!

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