TheBuckbull asked:

testing kaspersky antivirus

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25 Responses to Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Review and Test

  1. MrTheSupermariobros says:

    AVP is Kaspersky’s main frame your correct

  2. MrTheSupermariobros says:

    Kaspersky sucks viruses balls! Norton is good but I’m using Eset is that good?

  3. SaladHate says:

    just one thing about Kaspersky – its main process starts first and detection is enabled. Its only statistics and control module takes few minutes to load. So protection works right from system start

  4. CaturdayMega says:

    @wyntje83 Hahahah so do I, I freak out and start sweating and stuff, scares the crap out of me.

  5. guzzbro says:

    me looking an antivirus that will not slow my pc performance

  6. gandillion says:

    Really informative…

  7. W213c says:

    been using KIS since 2009 and i must say that it is one of the best AV’s ive ever used..

  8. fctoca says:

    1) if anybody doesn’t like viruses just use LINUX. but you’ll need some brains
    2) kaspersky is the best antivirus
    3) kaspersky didn’t block that virus BECAUSE IT WAS RUSSIAN ha ha ha

  9. MrDark1000 says:

    what is the best anti virus? and not slow my pc

  10. TheBuckbull says:

    @wyntje83 ccleaner just cleans out junk and temp files and hitman pro is a malwarebytes alternative

  11. wyntje83 says:

    I have malware bytes but why are you running it through C-Cleaner or whatever your doing? Is it something I can do too?
    Also what’s that hitman pro thing?

  12. wyntje83 says:

    Haha, your like oh no I hate these kinds of malware -_-.
    I shit bricks everytime my pc tells me it detected something :P.

  13. HomiesOfMars says:

    @bob10308 Yep I believe it!

  14. bob10308 says:

    There is no antivirus can protect your pc 100%,even the award winning antivirus such as kasersky,norton and avira,cause they have their own weakness.
    So,you must very careful when you use internet,cause they are so many bad guys there.

  15. wblake22 says:

    @razzp25 CIS is better and its free go Comodo next time

  16. mcwiggles1213 says:

    Antivirus is cheaper, but doesnt have the rock of a firewall that IS has. also, theres a few extra stuff, go to the website and reap up.

  17. mcwiggles1213 says:

    KIS2011 by a long shot for non-bloatware.

  18. lalz246810 says:

    what’s the dif of kasp. antivirus and kasp. internet sec? zzz

  19. razzp25 says:

    @wblake22 expensive?!? :S lol i just paid 25 dollars for this :S

  20. alleshi says:

    Gesture of goodwill….. i give you all Kaspersky Internet security 2011 code .. valid for 365 days

    Your activation code is: 9g81f-3pmn1-uvxfn-dnmev

  21. thi96er says:

    Norton 360 FTW

  22. GheeTTo1 says:

    Kaspersky 2011 Crack For 3700 Days (1000% Work)

  23. NSxC4M3R0N says:

    Dude…u just had to hold down ctrl and open hitman and it would have deleted all open processes..

  24. georgeq10 says:

    kaspersky 2011 is the biggest fail ever, i didn’t thought it could ever get worse than 2010… 2009 is the best, too bad it isn’t windows 7 compatible

  25. blowupuate13 says:

    at 4:12 to open task manager here all you gotta do is keep holding down ctrl+shift+esc and keep holding it down… task manager will keep flashing on and off but you can still kill the process tree!!

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