Katy Levinson asked:

By popular demand, Defcon’s angry little roboticist is back with more stories of robot designs gone awry that make practical lessons on making better robots….

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25 Responses to Katy Levinson Defcon 20 – Robots: You’re Still Doing It Wrong

  1. funkmastertraf says:


  2. Katy Levinson says:

    lolerskates. Read the description. This is a super intro talk aimed at
    people with only a software background. Beginner tricks for high-schoolers
    are fine.

  3. Amélie Koran says:

    Pretty awesome talk… now I regret missing DC this year…

  4. teeperful says:

    She is to defcon what Boxxy is to 4chan.

  5. William Looby says:

    your voice wrecks my head, know you cant change it and is no use to say it
    at all, i am sorry. like the energy though.

  6. wizardsbane says:

    Too many “um”s. Just don’t talk when you don’t know what to say, it sounds
    a lot better.

  7. Indigo Anon says:

    Leet nice dress Kate XD

  8. TheFreak1ger says:

    I don’t wanna die.

  9. Katy Levinson says:

    This person. This person answered the question you were trying to ask. A+

  10. jayynecobb says:

    Explain, supertard. Citation needed.

  11. Aruã Ramos Metello de Assis says:

    This (likely) will sound as a generic youtube “obscene” comment, but i
    prefer to see it as a “unappropriated” compliment. watching a girl talk
    about science for almost an hour gave me a nerdy boner, because its cool to
    be reassured from time to time that not all cool things are built out of
    testosterone. plus i love science exploration =3

  12. DagonSushi says:


  13. Mahj says:

    You’re awesome, hope to see more of your presentations someday.

  14. Mikkel Grum says:

    great talk ! Gung Ho !

  15. Chuck Norris says:

    best hack tools of 2013 ow. ly/m5dfd

  16. Indigo Anon says:

    holy shit /b/rony i sprayed jack through my nose reading that.

  17. Mandalorx10 says:

    Great talk, good times! 😀

  18. Mikkel Grum says:

    i dont like U2 ! but i like to swim.

  19. videoofmike says:


  20. Katy Levinson says:

    not sure how I feel about that one…

  21. Justin Brenneman says:

    Assuming parental consent is given, every FIRST team should be required to
    watch her videos.

  22. Brat4PrimeMinister says:

    uve got nothin to say and ur sayin it to loud…def con fail

  23. Ste Hughes says:

    I would love to get drunk with you, you’re mental.

  24. Daniel Dodds says:

    I enjoyed this, takes a subject that could of been otherwise hard to
    follow and makes it amusing, my god you are full of energy though!

  25. cathbad2468 says:

    Katy : sorry about your Grandmother.

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