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Sony has just unveiled a new device called the PlayStation Vita and it’s a touch-screen, motion-sensitive device. It can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, and even connects to cell phone towers to use their 3G network. But one problem, why would anyone want to buy a Sony product right now after being hacked continuously by various sources? Today, LulzSec posted 54 megabytes of developer source code to its website, and they exposed internal network maps for Sony’s BMG division.

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14 Responses to LulzSec: 5 Sony: 0

  1. madcombineelite4222 says:

    @IuIzsec thumbs up! šŸ˜€

  2. philisacoolguy says:


    fuck lulzsec, goatse security is where its at

  3. distroPCS says:

    dont forget WEBNINJA, because they are behind you… And i have the IPs of all ANONOPSĀ­psdead/. THX Ninjas you are the true law of the WEB,,,,, If want to meet the Lulz team visit

  4. dekaaked says:

    okay she is NOT a business pro ^^ she should do some mud wrestling, i’d like to see that!

  5. Mimepeople says:

    Lol alyona, when lulzsec says put a shoe on your head first they are just kidding… you dont believe that for sure do you

  6. WarraGunna says:

    Bringing fun, fun, fun to all!

  7. HackersCommunity says:


  8. kgonepostl says:

    We’re digital gangsters and you just can’t stop us. The feds can’t chase what they can’t see hoe.

  9. 0Att0 says:

    Just sayin

  10. jtmakepeace says:

    If only she wore the shoe…

  11. Palafury says:

    @kossmikham spoken like a man. +1

  12. AllofVideos says:

    I think he was arrested.

  13. lllIIlllIIlIIlllIl says:

    Lol they got trolled

  14. kossmikham says:

    Who the fuck is this cunt? And what the fuck does she know about cyber security? Stick to fashion and tampons bitch. Stay out of things you don’t have a fucking clue about.

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