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We’ll take a look at the new hacker group Lulzsec. Their logo is a combination of a “rage face” and the monopoly guy, and on their website they seem to try to portray themselves as a playful group. Lulzsec also made a pass at the already battered Sony, attacking three of their websites, for once again leaving all of their consumer data unencrypted. And hacked Nintendo’s website, however this attack didn’t affect any user data, and the group says it was a warm-up for its big hit, FBI-affiliated sites.

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25 Responses to Lulzsec Pwns the FBI

  1. EnigmoEnigmo says:

    Your doin it wrong!

  2. sportsfiend12 says:

    @IuIzsec go die u scum

  3. ProjectLumen says:

    My fucking heros.

  4. wtfhloser says:

    go back to pen and paper no hackers there lol

  5. distroPCS says:

    dont forget WEBNINJA, because they are behind you… And i have the IPs of all ANONOPS­psdead/. THX Ninjas you are the true law of the WEB,,,,, If want to meet the Lulz team visit

  6. Lazypackmule says:

    @IuIzsec LulzSec stopped sailing months ago, GTFO before you start to scare all the old people too stupid to know the difference between an uppercase i and an L.
    Newfagging up mah youtube, the nerve of some people.

  7. xSteZ says:

    @justforthelulzzz Yet minecraft was most sold game on shortest period of time? weeird..

  8. justforthelulzzz says:

    Two things:
    1. You say you make videos for your own enjoyment, but that can’t apply to anybody else? You make fun of that other kid’s subs, yet he probably does videos for his own enjoyment.
    2. You make fun of somebody for playing Runescape, yet you play Minecraft. Interesting.

  9. IuIzsec says:

    LulzSec is still here.

  10. 17456spartan says:

    InclideGod your a fag lol

  11. DAyomandude says:


  12. IncludeGod says:

    Hackers refer to the people who created neat shit with technology at MIT in the 60’s. Not guys who go around “pwning” websites for “lulz.” It’s very disrespectful to the technological world for the media to refer to these people as hackers.

  13. JAPSCANTFLY says:


    Cuz stealing money and accounts will surely help everyone, just sayin :]

  14. PeskyVarmt says:

    I LOVE. 🙂

  15. shad0w12346 says:

    Subscribed. Loving the great journalism.

  16. waubamikrider says:


  17. smarlinjr says:

    What drives Lulzsec? … Lulz… duh?

  18. xSteZ says:

    @TreeSniffer2 uhmm, no, im making videos for my own enjoyment…

  19. TreeSniffer2 says:

    @xSteZ grats bro…1 more from the other day. u ever consider a partnership????????

  20. xSteZ says:

    @TreeSniffer2 are you so stupit you cant even count to 17? i have 17 subs you asshole.

  21. TreeSniffer2 says:

    @xSteZ lmao i can make up statistic too. 100% of your subs are 6 people… HAHAHA i didnt even make it up!

  22. xSteZ says:

    @TreeSniffer2 85%% of your subs arent active, 10% of your subs are your accounts, and 5% are just some 11 year old runescape fags.

  23. TheTomWarp says:

    I just love this video’s title

  24. TreeSniffer2 says:

    @xSteZ lmao u hav 2 accounts and still dont have as many subs

  25. xSteZ says:

    @TreeSniffer2 my old account has 61 subs 🙂

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