TheHour asked: In 2000, a hacker made history – when big-time websites like CNN, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay ground to a halt. Just a harmless prank, right? Think again. Reports at the time claimed it cost the companies more than a billion dollars, and panic set in. In the days after the web attacks President Bill Clinton held a special cyber security summit at the White House. And the FBI and the RCMP were on the case. In the end, the Mounties got their man, only he wasn’t quite a man yet. He turned out to be a 15 year old kid from Montreal who goes by the handle “mafiaboy.” When the dust cleared, he ended up serving 8 months in a youth detention centre, plus a year’s probation. Mafiaboy’s real name is Michael Calce and to date, he’s never told his story – how he did it and why. He’s turned down every interview request since his arrest – until now.

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25 Responses to Mafiaboy on The Hour with Stromboulopoulos

  1. justicesword1 says:

    i wish all people to learn how to hack.

  2. OPandroids says:


    there called slaves or bots. No such thing as meet chicken even there hes using some public shit unless you have 300k bots which you can get at the lowest of 4 cents each then you might be able to take down ebay.

  3. OPandroids says:

    All you retards who thinks hes a skid your retard. And the same thing for the skids that say i couldn’t quit hacking its to much of a thrill. No one gives a shit if you find a mysql exploit of an outdated wordpress plugins and hacks it.

    Mafiaboy didnt just download a botnet and infected people like all you skids do. He actually wrote his own shit and used exploits he found to take it down.

  4. 1SocialCrisis says:

    @DJRexim there was a report of him hacking something big

  5. dodo2000107 says:

    My brother went to his high school Riverdale.

  6. TheGavinkenna says:

    @hck112 Are you refering to mafiaboy as a newbie, or me?

  7. hck112 says:

    @J03LZ1821 distributed denial of service. A common type of DoS attacks.

  8. hck112 says:

    @TheGavinkenna most newbies say the same shit.

  9. DJRexim says:

    @prashant1234567891 Please show me your source for this ‘fact…’

  10. prashant1234567891 says:

    @DJRexim he was hired by microsoft to hack their games and to find the flaws of their stuff.

  11. 532170114gu says:

    he is just a joke~ DDOS? if a five years old kid have enough money to buy enough so called “meet chiken”, he can crash any website he want without any skill or knowledge of hacking!

  12. Lustmord19 says:

    he caused more of a shitstorm than most non-script kiddies, for this..he wins.

  13. utubegay1 says:

    lol he was never a “hacker”. Anyone who calls him a hacker doesnt know what a hacker is. Just because he DDoS’d some big websites doesnt make him a “hacker”…maffiaboy…pathetic

  14. DeathM9 says:

    @deividas56 wow that really depressed me

  15. deividas56 says:

    @DeathM9 I smell a attention seeker here,you can’t hack shit.

  16. deividas56 says:

    @GiveM3daSniper All he did is download a few programs,that is not talent.

  17. deividas56 says:

    @GiveM3daSniper Looks like someone’s jealous of hackers…

  18. THEGREATONE420 says:

    wow such a basic implement yet so much damage done. tcp 3 way ftl

  19. MrBanana67 says:


  20. CLSAMG4eva says:

    mafiyaboy should bring down naughtyamerica

  21. TheGavinkenna says:

    He DDoS’d a few sites….and claims he’s a hacker….

  22. UberTourist says:

    @KeySour Oops yeah I just noticed that, but I’m pretty sure I heard 8 years in another interview, my bad :S

  23. KeySour says:

    @UberTourist 8 months not 8 years

  24. DJRexim says:

    @UberTourist I watched this video again, and I think this guy is legit, and he’s whitehat now.

  25. UberTourist says:

    @DJRexim After 8 years in prison, I think he is 😛

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