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Rob Graham, Paul McMillan and Dan Tentler discuss the some of the quirks of scanning the whole internet.

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8 Responses to Massscanning the Internet – Defcon 22 (2014)

  1. Tyler Lalonde says:

    that was a train, its the system for a coal mining operation lol. 

  2. Iraz says:

    Wow that was an awesome talk!

  3. Nick Moore says:

    Fantastic talk! Running a scan against my ISP’s subnet when I was in high
    school, they called and told me I should run a virus scan because of some
    unusual activity.

  4. micromidas1 says:

    Thank god it wasnt me

  5. Pierre LEROY says:

    Great talk guys

  6. MoeyXD says:

    When I saw the opening I thought wtf you gained weight and then I realised
    it wasn’t you

  7. Michael Jones says:

    first here and i love the video some good insight into application on
    scanning. would love to see some more video on the micro expression and
    “people hacking” as i think you used it. 

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