esarghini asked:

My BotNet Attack The Last Version Tutorial

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18 Responses to My BotNet Attacks TadLa Hack By cRù$tY The Deviil

  1. piejordan101man says:

    stop at 2:36 it says path:pornorama(dot)com xD

  2. r0llskyay0 says:

    this song is terrible

  3. marlboroq81 says:

    zeusbotnet . tk

  4. marlboroq81 says:

    zeusbotnet . tk

  5. Paul2Hard says:

    anything useful done in your life, too? keep your kiddy stuff.

  6. Mtl7FBhMoMa says:

    mediafire.c o m/?losz5fo2hoh74wg

  7. Mtl7FBhMoMa says:

    mediafire.c o m/?losz5fo2hoh74wg

  8. MrMehdihack says:


  9. deaduser666 says:

    @Acnas1 The builder is worth like $500+ atleast, stop being noobs and pay for the art of programming.

  10. AidsPlox says:

    Nigger Learn to Spread before You Post a vid Nigger I got around 200-300 On my Zeus

  11. Acnas1 says:

    I see you have a botnet of Zeus. I guess you would not go there for free because it is a very valuable program.
    I pay $ 49 if he gives Zeus Builder program. Answer me!

  12. Sockelpin775 says:


  13. Sockelpin775 says:



  14. Sockelpin775 says:


  15. Sockelpin775 says:


  16. esarghini says:

    i feel boring of the big quantity of victims, that is was an old story of the past

    now , only targets ( importants targets ), okéé

  17. Amn32ia says:

    installs: 2 online: 1 -_-
    btw spyeye roxxx

  18. esarghini says:

    Chouf a zabli si ma fhamt htta l3ba bla ma tb9a f inti9adates d zaaab

    wach fhamtni al wsakh

    chouf w skut

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