nulbytesecurity asked: presents, “Owning with Nessus and Metasploit.” I’m going to show you how to use Nessus to scan a target and then import the .nbe file into Metasploit’s db_autopwn. I use Backtrack 4 Beta as my attacking OS and Windows XP SP2 as my victim OS I end the video with a Meterpreter session, but you could easily upload Netcat and open a backdoor to get access again. If you really like Meterpreter, like I do, you can check out my other video where I tell you how to make it into an executable file and use it as a backdoor (I use it in conjunction with Netcat). If you like my videos, you can check out my blog or you can email me at nulbytesecurity [[email protected]] More HD hacking videos coming soon! Legal Please only do this on your local network for educational purposes and I’m not responsible for anything you do with this knowledge.

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25 Responses to Owning with Nessus and Metasploit

  1. pharoah246 says:

    Lol thank you for the command. I knew it was Apt-get install I just couldn’t figure out which “Nessus” it was. =)

  2. CraZayTube says:

    sh: msfconsole: command not found

  3. CraZayTube says:

    when i run the ./msfconsole command it says bash: ./msfconsole no such file or directory

  4. shasanain says:

    everytime i wanna create a database it says i need to install shit help

  5. skateride says:

    great how to to import nessus data into metasploit.

  6. EviousProductions says:

    @ziebesten you have to do: db_driver sqlite3
    then do: db_connect /your/path/here.db
    db_connect will make one, then connect for you all at once.

  7. ziebesten says:

    @EviousProductions The db_create one

  8. ziebesten says:

    the dbcreate one?

  9. EviousProductions says:

    @ziebesten The ‘db_create’ one, or the ‘Exploit Exception’?

  10. ziebesten says:

    @EviousProductions how did you solve that previous problem?

  11. ziebesten says:

    @EviousProductions i think your using backtrack 4 r2. I have just downloaded this version and am getting the same error. my bt4 final works fine. So am stuck like you for the time being

  12. MrSaggat says:

    SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO MANUALLY INSTALL EXPLOITS? Please help, i cant find how to do it!

  13. EviousProductions says:

    OK, I’ve got that error below solved, now when I run exploit it says: Exploit Exception: The connection time out. ( So no session was created.

  14. EviousProductions says:

    @ziebesten actually I’ve downloaded the program to my host ubuntu machine, and it returns the same error.

  15. EviousProductions says:

    @ziebesten I am on a virtualbox. Would using bt4 on the physical computer solve the problem?

  16. ziebesten says:

    Great vid mate. Im learning metasploit at the moment.

  17. ziebesten says:

    @EviousProductions have you disabled the firewall? Are you using a Virtual machine? Have you got the right IP?

  18. EviousProductions says:

    My db_create command doesn’t work. It says it has a call stack, and it couldn’t connect to the host Apparently the connection was refused. If you know what the problem is, your help would be appreciated a lot. Nice video though!

  19. JooJooBnutz says:

    msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > use windows/browser/ms08_053_mediaencoder
    msf exploit(ms08_053_mediaencoder) > set RHOST
    RHOST =>
    msf exploit(ms08_053_mediaencoder) > set RPORT 2869
    RPORT => 2869
    msf exploit(ms08_053_mediaencoder) > set PAYLOAD windows/shell_bind_tcp
    PAYLOAD => windows/shell_bind_tcp
    msf exploit(ms08_053_mediaencoder) > set LPORT 1853
    LPORT => 1853
    msf exploit(ms08_053_mediaencoder) > exploit
    [*] Exploit running as background job.
    [*] Started bind handler
    [*] Server started.

  20. Meowmiks says:

    @jcube001 I suggest you use db_drive sqlite3 command before trying to use msf with windows.

  21. Meowmiks says:

    @planetoftheapez It’s fine. It’s just detecting the files metasploit uses to exploit remote systems.

  22. shahrazkl says:


  23. blacksiddis says:

    I didnt understand how you installed Nessus 🙁

  24. planetoftheapez says:

    @Sc0ttTay copy and paste this: ~# apt-get install nessusd nesses

    you have to right click on order to paste something into your command prompt because if you press control v it will make this weird symbol that i would excpect to be doss or unicode: ^V

  25. planetoftheapez says:

    my computer thinks metasploit is a virus and i dont know if its safe or not PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

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