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“Rainbow tables” enable malicious hackers to break the encryption protecting password files. This video shows how much more effective rainbow tables are than the “brute force” method of systematically trying to guess all possible password combinations. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP. Produced for the WatchGuard Wire.

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25 Responses to Password Cracking 201: Rainbow Tables

  1. xarisisvog says:

    I’m actually interested in using rainbow tables to crack md5 passwords. The thing is I’m still a bit sceptical. I’m not sure what speeds rainbow tables can reach and if they’re actually faster than bruteforcing.

  2. SammySprinklerZ says:

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    Presenting the Green Hat database to end all databases…

    sword of samuel dot com

  3. RasmussenAustin15 says:

    can someone please crack this md5 hash
    and this one too

  4. ChrisRur0uni says:

    can u plz post the link for shoocon group, so that i can downlaod the password file. i got 2 1TB hard drive. i have bought these two only for hacking and cracking.

  5. roxasbuddy says:

    ummm do you mind helping me personally please ^_^


    does this work on hacking channels on youtube? because my friend hacked an troll and he said that he used this program to hack him


    I’ll try it but I don’t have enough disk space for a rainbow table of 64GB…LOL

  8. tsireotmrad says:

    For sure..

  9. Zelda7570 says:

    you should get high

  10. killamc786 says:

    you can hear his spit when he talks welcome to another watch guard spsfdskiodksod spit spit spit something scary !!

  11. judenihalmusic says:

    This isn’t about WiFi Security, this is about Windows Security.

  12. Matice21 says:

    Bill Gate has nothing to do with wifi security sir!!!

  13. fireguy1919 says:

    since it wont let me post links in comments i will send you a message with it

  14. jeroeniskoning says:


  15. jeroeniskoning says:

    Youve got somthing like remote rainbow craking =D.

  16. littleox3 says:

    doesn’t work

  17. WeaRdcomp says:

    rÅO‹êŽ ™S­Â˜¨·õkØRïåþÜ»gT£u‡ ËNÈBÃï„¡)$5y߸Ê%G® ˆ2ywÞÒ9Ù‰[+Ë”°|ú¥G›Þè|»S.:ûê0Õž ÄƼÿ=gðc’ÎBz£øAkŠræ´ô¥okšÞòB

  18. InfinityNS says:


  19. WeaRdcomp says:

    decrypt this

  20. InfinityNS says:

    Could you please tell me the name of the webpage where you downloaded the rainbow table? Shmu gorup something…?

  21. judenihalmusic says:

    honestly, i believe physical security is more important than windows security. some people THINK that putting a password that is 18 characters long or simply putting a password on the computer secures it from hackers. at least thats what bill gates thinks. well guess what, thats not always true. i’ve cracked in a corporate network’s password by keylogging it and they had good passwords, this only shows that software security is a joke.

  22. judenihalmusic says:

    ‘ALWAYS use passwords 15 characters or longer and disable LanMan Hashes’

    trying to preserve windows xp security? software passwords can ‘always’ be cracked, mister. have you ever heard of ‘keylogging’?

  23. fireguy1919 says:

    64 gig tables are nithing i have a torrent for a 500 GB table

  24. whshockey1020 says:

    luuuke wilsson

  25. taeyoungchoon says:

    Afraid legacy.. -.-;

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