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(Watch it in HD!) Are you aware you are being phished? That you may have recieved an imitation email or that you could be lured into a fake website? Billions of dollars are stolen every year through a deceptive tacktic called “Phishing.” A “phisher” sets up a look-alike website (of a bank, for example) and sends out legitimate looking emails to lure in victims. They then use these to trick the user into giving up sensative information. Always be carefull to check you are on the REAL website of any bank, store, or other important site. Always be wary of imitation emails asking for personal information. And never give out personal information if you are unsure about who you are giving it to. By taking care to check where you are online and who is actually contacting you in email, you can help eliminate the risk of falling victim to a phishing attack. This video was created by Crosshair Studios and Team Purps as a submission to the 2009 Computer Security Awareness competition presented by More information about the contest can be found at:

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7 Responses to “Phishing” Internet Security PSA

  1. booksfart says:



  2. AwayToSlay says:

    lol using vista instead of Seven

  3. aweinsto says:

    The dangers to children online can be prevented with Snipe:
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  4. aweinsto says:

    There is a new product to Protect children online. (SnipeSlider)
    Snipe creates a barrier between “parent” mode and “children” mode.
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  5. Crosshairstudios says:

    Although it doesn’t fix the problem mentioned, we did originally have the video about 20 seconds longer which did a better job of the message, however the competition required videos to be 30 seconds so we were forced to make cuts.

    Thank you for your feedback though. We may put the original online in the future.

  6. ContaMuir17a says:

    You speed by the most important part of your message. Could you leave it on screen longer so people can read it and think about it? Why not put a 10-15 second pause at 0:27? It might help.

    It went by so fast I couldn’t read it.

  7. pbwned says:

    If people would use their brain more, there wouldnt be any abuse.

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