FreeRemovalOfSpyware asked: If your computer has been infected with Internet Security 2011, then use these easy to follow instructions to remove Internet Security 2011.

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18 Responses to Remove Internet Security 2011 in 4 Easy Steps

  1. CRYST2SHELL says:

    thanks i just downloaded and installed (especially after seeing the 5 star ratings) and I haven’t seen that DAMNED internet securtiy booger since. I’m happier now! a million thumbs up.!

  2. drewsisely says:

    @Miintx3 Ok, to get on the net while this virus is on your computer run your browser as the admin. Thumbs up so everyone no’s. Please note this does not get rid of the virus just gives you a way to look for solutions. I suggest after you get on the net download malwarebytes or the spyware doctor.

  3. mrockzpoop says:

    The best thing that worked for me is to use a restore point, my best solution i had it once on my laptop and my parents had it on their home computer, it took me about a day to figure out on my laptop, and only minutes to figure out on their computer.

  4. Ghalion666 says:

    @Miintx3 I got this sucker like a month ago, and it seemed to be a bigger badder version of all versions based on its ability to ignore all removal suggestions (even in safe mode nothing seemed to work). I don’t know if what I did work or if If it was just coincidence. But It seems I got rid of it by trying to run Rkill (all 6 different names for it wouldn’t launch), then trying to run it in applocale, then the same using malware bytes. If you don’t have applocale, again, it may be coincidence.

  5. 1dafranchise says:

    Stop watching porn = no viruses

  6. shekainaruke02 says:

    i had that virus on my laptop just yesterday, i tried doing the tips i found from google search…like putting into SAFE MODE to delete the registry files, but it cant bec. of some error.. i lose hope and took a break. This morning i turn on the laptop PRESS F8, chose NOT the SAFE MODE anymore but the other option.. “restore to last known good configuration” and then windows started no more xp security 2011 spyware:)))so happy

  7. DontXRunXOk says:

    HELP!!!! can’t open anything, not even in safe mode. On another computer right now and this bastard virus won’t go away. I’ve restored my computer twice and it won’t fuck off. help please.!!!

  8. Miintx3 says:

    @FreeRemovalOfSpyware yees, the virus is on my safemode as well so i cant open anything on there either. 🙁

  9. Native64Dude says:

    @wicketvoodoo does it?? :O

  10. FreeRemovalOfSpyware says:

    @Miintx3 Did you try running the scan in safe mode as well? Often times this is a required step to remove Internet Security 2011. You might also want to make sure to do a boot drive scan, and clean your registry.

  11. Miintx3 says:

    @FreeRemovalOfSpyware please help me! I tried doing this but when I rebooted by computer, the virus didn’t go away. I’m on a seperate computer right now because my internet or anything else won’t open. Any suggestions?

  12. SunDevilSun453 says:

    ive tried starting in safe mode, but it even pops up there :/ i have malewarebits but it didnt even come up when i scanned from a different acct (usually would) >.

  13. man1utdfan says:

    @arimackat5 start in safemode! just press F8 after the first boot screen.

  14. arimackat5 says:

    computer did not let me download it

  15. SmileyxYY says:

    thank u sssssssoooooooo much i couldnt even use my internet becuz of the 2010 thing

  16. iRetrobution says:

    this thing almost stole my PayPal… :O!

  17. xtianace21 says:

    tnx man

  18. simplyianm says:

    @demonxioa he meant kapersky

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