TheBuckbull asked:

testing rising antivirus 2011 free

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19 Responses to Rising Free Antivirus 2011 Review and Test

  1. NikolaGB says:

    Lolita fuck movie hahah 😀

  2. NikolaGB says:

    Lol rising antivirus sucks

  3. diegodaudt says:

    Defense wasn’t spelled wrong… In british English they spell it defence and Rising is a Chinese company with headquarters in australia.

  4. TheBuckbull says:

    @albaniandy that was an old video avg is better then rising

  5. albaniandy says:

    why you didn’t put the free avg product at 5 best free and paid antivirus software in your videos,rising sucks,its has even defense spelled wrong,avg 2011 its one of the best antivirus software out there and for kaspersky now uses the 2010 engine for viruses because they saw that the 2011 wasn’t so good,so they changed to 2010 (you can check the web site to( for now i use KAV 2011.

  6. TheBuckbull says:

    @noidea2854 i suppose i can thanks

  7. noidea2854 says:

    nice video as usual =)

    Rising’s new interface is nice but the product could definitely use work. Can you re-test rising with the highest settings possible?

  8. ballader1 says:

    @TheBuckbull watch the vid again you can see the alerts and i know that these files that were not blocked were subfiles but since the actual program was blocked no pc danger :). But still if I person would go on that directory and double click them, rising should have it’s defences enabled (spelled defenses wrong on purpose)

  9. TheBuckbull says:

    @ballader1 and how do you know that

  10. ballader1 says:

    all these that hitman pro found were blocked by the behavior blocker of rising. So nothing was active

  11. TheBuckbull says:

    @oconnorjamie7 no problem man peace.

  12. adumb1992 says:

    As soon as i saw defense spelled wrong i would uninstall…

  13. MrXidus says:

    An alright job done but that FP on Malwarebytes and that rootkit.. Not a good thing on my list to recommend.

  14. oconnorjamie7 says:

    @TheBuckbull Yeah, they can be a pain, I do agree. I was just saying that they do happen with all AVs. Sorry if I came off as being condescending or anything.

    It really was a great review dude!


  15. Eragon86micky says:

    this antivirus is horrible?

  16. TheBuckbull says:

    @OntOSZ thanks for watching. there better solutions out there at this moment for free.

  17. TheBuckbull says:

    @victorh2007 thanks a lot! ram usage is very good. i also find it unacceptable that such a good program like malwarebytes was detected as a threat. i also don’t recommend it anymore. thanks for watching your always welcome!

  18. TheBuckbull says:

    @oconnorjamie7 yes i realized defence wasn’t spelled wrong i don’t know why i said that i am just used to seeing it with a s. false positives are a big deal they can delete something important from your pc malwarebytes was just a minor example. i’ve seen false positives make pc’s unbootable. thanks anyway for watching 🙂

  19. TheBuckbull says:

    @SuperHusher thanks a lot yes rising seems to be falling behind. very disappointing

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