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Download Links BackTrack (Latest): www.backtrack-linux.org WindowsXP (Service Packet 3): www.multiupload.com www.multiupload.com VirtualBox: www.virtualbox.org ______________________________________________ I can’t connect to other virtual machine… how do I do this? You can either wait for my next tutorial on this or you can familiarize yourself with what an internal network is and use the following steps to setup the DHCP server which is what is needed to have an internal network. Start up CMD Browse to “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox” Type in the command: ‘vboxmanage dhcpserver add –netname intnet –ip IPHERE.0 –netmask –lowerip IPHERE.2 –upperip IPHERE.255 –enable’ Start up both the OS and your done! Please replace the IPHERE with the ip you wish to have on the network… I suggest something like 192.168.55.*.

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4 Responses to Setup Virtual Penetration Testing Lab

  1. masrawy04 says:

    Great Video. I was looking for a video tutorial on how to setup a pentest lab and how to map the different computers together and your video answered my question. Thanks.

  2. bestaquille says:

    Thank you very much it worked

  3. hacktutube says:

    @tastyciggarette Glad someone found it useful… I was wondering if I made it for nothing… haha!

  4. tastyciggarette says:

    Thanks alot for making this video
    It was really helpful and clear

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