Sony asked:

・Sony Network Security Camera – DEPA Advanced Video Clip (DM10228V1) This movie shows DEPA Advanced, Intelligent Video Analytics of Sony’s network security camera. ・ソニーネットワークセキュリティーカメラ – DEPA Advanced(ディーパアドバンスド)ビデオクリップ (DM10228V1) より高度なアラーム検知を可能にする画像処理機能を実現する技術DEPA Advanced(ディーパアドバンスド)のご紹介ビデオです。

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7 Responses to Sony Network Security Camera – DEPA Advanced Video Clip (DM10228V1)

  1. ferdelance72 says:

    @Kurohadol so you are retarded because i wasnt trying to be funny…

  2. Kurohadol says:

    @ferdelance72 you know, that was almost like a joke, except it wasn’t funny. try again.

  3. ferdelance72 says:

    @Kurohadol Are you retarded?

  4. EdgyPowell says:


    They weren’t hacked in the first place, it was a DDOS.

  5. Kurohadol says:

    is this going to fix your problem about being hacked? no?

  6. giorgos148 says:


  7. orion4mm says:

    Damn it sony make good videos 🙁

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