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Does Spybot have what it takes to detect and remove today’s Malware? Find out!

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25 Responses to Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6 Detection and Removal Review Part 2

  1. koemo1 says:

    @JhonyBrav0 these are fake messages. They want you to buy the Fake Antivirusscanners. IF u do so they will catch 50-100 bucks + steal your identity + credit card data. Never buy such antivirusscanners. Use those you can trust like Norton, Kaspersky. And free ones like Panda. They work fine. Even though Panda did crap on mrizos’ review 🙂

  2. UltimateGamers115 says:

    They could of changed the interface, but you didn’t download the skins. Also, luckily you are not one of those people who starts getting so annoyed when they have a virus.

  3. bob10308 says:

    There is so many virus and some spyware in your pc……
    and I saw your internet speed so fast!!!
    how did you do that??

  4. JhonyBrav0 says:

    Man Where you find all these viruses on your computer?Because in every
    5 to 8 second your computer begging for help from these viruses. 🙂

  5. oblivian448 says:

    malwarebytes good too make a revieww

  6. vyto88 says:

    my friend removed like 1000 viruses of his computer with this program i highly recommend it o and nice vid 5/5

  7. Ellixandria says:

    such an efficient program 🙂
    I believe if its foundation have enough fund, this program will be one of the best, btw i like the scan checking before the log in stuff 🙂

  8. TeamninGuiders says:

    @LatviaRullz1 rouge viruse out to steal idenity

  9. LatviaRullz1 says:

    VirusHeat is a virus or no?

  10. 144bulldog says:

    wow 426 problems/spywares

  11. cnuksfan27 says:

    HELP!!! when i finish the search and destroy thing and the viruses comes up, i hit fixed selected problems and then it says i have to be administrator to continue HELP!!!

  12. LawrenceLugar1 says:

    SPYBOT is Much better at removing viruses, spyware, bugs, etc than Ad-Aware

    Ad-aware sucks.

  13. JRLRoxcks says:

    ….Spybot has problems with my computer for some odd reason. I use Windows Vista Home Premium, and whenever I try to start up spybot or run just about anything on it, it instantly doesn’t respond. Then, when I finish a scan and find trojans/P.U.P.S and try to fix them, my computer goes crazy. It doesn’t respond, spams error messages, and says I need to elevate to being an administrator, even though I already am. Can anybody help me?

  14. 700007123 says:

    0:01 there is a hidden game in Spybot. Click the binoculars at left side of the “Spybot – Search & Destroy 1.6.0” and it will start.

  15. joshuapratt6 says:

    @pcwizreveiws lol what are you retarded spybot is legit and for a freeware its awesome lol

  16. pcwizreveiws says:

    Spybot is like spysheriff, it installs spyware and viruses and steals your credit card. Do not use it.

  17. allyboo148 says:


  18. abenoit722 says:

    @jdht3496 It’s an anti spyware, and you can have as many anti spyware you want.

  19. utubeb14 says:

    looks good to me

  20. jdht3496 says:

    Guys i i use one Antivirus and One Antispyware
    Antivirus: AVG
    Antispyware: SUPERantispyware

    I want S & D is it good and is it an anti virus or anti spyware because u cant have 2 AV and AS at the same time

  21. LightArtillery005 says:

    @Idolpurist So true! I wish they put more effort to # 1. But # 7 isn’t really needed, it’d be nice if they did but it isn’t necessary.

  22. Idolpurist says:

    If Spybot wants to be taken SERIOUSLY by IT Pros as well as Millions of PC users, they will have to have the following in the new Ver 2.0…
    1. Stronger Detection of New Malwares.
    2. Complete Removal After Detection.
    3. 50% Faster On-Demand & Boot Scans.
    4. Windows 7 Support.
    5. 64 Bit Support in same version as 32 Bit.
    6. Smaller, Faster, Lighter Program.
    7. New Modern Interface w/ Bold Colors.
    8. Application Monitor to End/Kill Malicious Processes.
    9. Improved Rogue/Fake AV Detection.

  23. JZomerlei2013 says:

    I use web of trust add on for mozilla firefox, really comes in handy when I’m searching the web. When I searched for spy bot search and destroy the first link which is usually the best one was actually a fake website.

  24. JZomerlei2013 says:

    I use eset SS, you can keep renewing your free trials =D

  25. strarabjt says:

    spybot can’t remove virus they only do is stop viruse to come in ur computer

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