mrizos asked:

Does Spybot have what it takes to detect and remove today’s Malware? Find out!

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25 Responses to Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6 Detection and Removal Review Part 3

  1. laserxxxx says:

    Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0.3 Beta is out! Check out their homesite 😀

  2. bnp97 says:

    @koemo1 I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for people that won’t pay for they AV…

  3. koemo1 says:

    I recommend Norton ( it is really better now, they became much faster) or Kaspersky! 🙂

  4. nintendofan9797 says:

    I have been thinking. How hard is it to build an antivirus? Surely all you have to do is get a team of people to infect computers and send a non working copy to peoples definition folders and compare stuff to it. I’m probably wrong…

  5. timnotbrianmay says:

    It’s not for prevention; it IS for removal & the resident to some extent prevents critical system changes & bad pages, not malware! The resident IS worth running! The Immunize DOES slow the browser a LOT!!!

  6. oblivian448 says:

    @hymnsinger5 avira sucks get spybot or malwarebytes

  7. Ellixandria says:

    such an efficient program 🙂
    I believe if its foundation have enough fund, this program will be one of the best, btw i like the scan checking before the log in stuff 🙂

  8. teddi12100ify says:

    i use malwarebytes , spybot ,and AVAST Antivirus

  9. MrBloodyGulch says:

    i use malwarebytes , spybot ,and AVAST Antivirus

  10. Mewkid999 says:

    lol, “Cursor flashing”.

  11. damanisdakila says:

    hey when i try to immunize my computer it doesnt do it all the way is it because i have malware bytes a pop says it may not be able to complete this process because you may have avg free and some other stuff or just having malwarebytes alone is ok

  12. DonMino95 says:

    use google chrome for a secure and rapid browsre.

  13. yofsih9 says:

    Just uninstall tea.timer, Spybot alone is good.

  14. GWmackan says:

    Aviras detection is poor

  15. Zeacron says:

    btw if u don’t want pop ups use “Mozilla FireFox” – ftw no pop ups and safe downloads – best browser you can acquire mate

  16. LynxenX says:

    Yeah, you make the best AV vids on the Internet. Bar none. 5/5.

  17. flyingcamero74 says:

    good vid

  18. Mikester1200 says:

    Nice Vid Matt!
    always liked your vids 5/5

  19. Jonza121 says:

    I have very simple protection: Avira Free 9 and Comodo firewall with Defence +.

    For scanning i have malwarebytes and for adware and cookie blocking i have spywareblaster. Very simple and light program.

  20. chevyblows2001 says:

    spybot S&D sucks.. ram hogggg

  21. chevyblows2001 says:

    norton 360 has a firewall

  22. hymnsinger5 says:

    I recommend Avira.

  23. hymnsinger5 says:

    It sounds good to me. Just do regular updates and scans and you should be fine. Do you have a firewall like Comodo or ZoneAlarm?

  24. flex2000i says:

    I have windows vista and norton 360 with superantispyware installed…do you recommend anything else or should i be fine? Thanks

  25. mousegeek says:

    Great video.

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