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Using Ettercap to spoof SSL Certificates and view encrypted data in plain text. Spoofing DNS requests to redirect web traffic to a desired webpage.

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25 Responses to SSL Hacking and DNS Spoofing with Backtrack

  1. theoriginalfatdonkey says:

    You arent creating a fake license so the error for licencse dont pop up? SCRIPT KIDDIE.
    u need to learn how ssl strip

  2. ampikine says:

    @rss425 you can probably do the same with DHCP spoofing.

  3. ranitcd says:

    not working man

  4. kevinmaximo says:

    Which is the purpose of the video ? just change the server dns and the people who will be connected to the LAN will be send it to other page as you do on your video ?
    just send you to other page that you are looking for ? that’s all ?

  5. NeophyteOneable says:

    but this is only for localhost, if i want to spoof any other dns server

  6. Username7260 says:

    this video doesn’t show shit don’t waste your time

  7. AiDz0r says:

    Use Wireshark! others backdoored !!!!

  8. earols says:

    @bcarl10101 Tor on an internal network? really….

  9. ermineandeel says:


  10. bangoxxx says:

    minute 1:05 “Cant create root/ssl.eci : No such file or directory” please help me.

  11. pyrosaxman says:

    the site u give at the end has quite a few viruses….cool video, but not cool trying to infect your viewers!

  12. jhonnyboy2050 says:

    I want you to do the same thing in a remote host, and then show us.

  13. bcarl10101 says:

    @Dragonrider061 you can use a proxy service such as Tor (you can look up how to use it here on youtube) which will hide your ip.

  14. Coolmax71 says:

    The song is: Sixx.A.M. – Life is Beautiful

  15. streetracer08 says:

    hey thanks for the vid umm one question wuts the name of the song u had.

  16. Dragonrider061 says:

    How awesomely funny. I do find it educational in the way that I can help improve my network security. This could be funny at my school or in a hotel (Idiots who use their free wireless internet) but I am too afraid of what would happen if they traced me.

  17. vishesh1 says:

    Simply Awesome!! Can you please post a tutorial or send me a step by step instructions to generate and install these certificates which looks real, my email is: vishesh.agg (at) gmail (dot) com, Thanks a lot in advance.

  18. elDiPoNDe says:



  19. sinschild07 says:

    port 22 FTW

  20. seanyuk1970 says:

    Interesting so watching is educational in what way?

    You are usig a tool meant for “auditing” that shows nothig of how to establish the vulnerability.
    Does it ot simply make people want to try it and cause more havoc? rather tha something more constructive?

  21. korky103 says:

    fap fap fap that was orgasmic

  22. LoveStyleMan says:

    Excellent video! Now I do miracles at home with the IPTV service!

  23. turkishguy02 says:

    He just sent fake certificate to the victim

  24. DanielMarschall says:

    Was the Yahoo hack only a faked Certificate with known private key or did you emulate the whole page? The real Certificate could not be hacked without knowing the server’s private key.

  25. AEAantiemo says:

    Ok, so i have an idea, not to sure if it would work, im pen testing my wireless network, no since my wireless saves the passwords and reconnects when disconnected.. What if i to a Deauth approch to my wireless and used Enttercap to capture the login details and the WPA password, i dont think this will work, can you give me some insite?

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