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Defeating SSL. Stealing Facebook and Gmail usernames and passwords using SSL Strip

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12 Responses to SSL Strip, hacking Facebook and Gmail.

  1. Hellmasker338 says:

    I was able to get a user/pass of a crappy site but even with sslstrip 0.9 I can’t get facebook/gmail, only gibberish.

  2. RebeliousSapien says:

    @FitzysFury Ok thanks for replying.

  3. FitzysFury says:

    Very simple. It’s a typo in the instructions.

  4. RebeliousSapien says:

    ok here’s the thing. when u’re running arpspoof; in the instructions u wrote ROUTER’S IP then TARGET’S IP however when implementing u wrote the TARGET’S IP then the ROUTER’S IP !!!!!
    Clarify this for me please.

  5. RebeliousSapien says:


  6. FitzysFury says:

    @meathook3000 It’s just war sound effects. There’s no title.

  7. meathook3000 says:

    what’s the song called?

  8. DrEmmettBr0wn says:

    good music

  9. amitdaf00L says:

    I tried this it works really cool, when im connected to Ethernet and the victims are on wireless but it doesn’t work when the victim pc is connected to the router via its own Ethernet cable..

  10. rs87tu says:

    Sorry to blow up your wall. I’ve got everything working now, ARP requests are correctly, sslstrip is running, and ettercap is listening. The only problem is, the SSL data is not being stripped–ettercap is literally printing out everything to my screen, just like Wireshark. It does not look like yours in the video.

  11. FitzysFury says:

    You need to be on the same network segment to perform the attack depicted in this tutorial. No I will not do this for you!

  12. JrizzYx says:

    would you mind taking someones account for me :)??

    Do we need backtrack

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