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Around 15000 hackers and security experts descended on Las Vegas for the twenty-first annual DefCon last week to discuss the latest and greatest exploits an…

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22 Responses to Surveillance drones and Uncle Sam: Hackers take on all at DefCon 21

  1. Randy Brush says:

    Surveillance drones and Uncle Sam: Hackers take on all at DefCon 21

  2. rikhard fsoss says:

    #usa #policestate #drones 

  3. Blastfrog says:

    Have fun being able to actually defend yourself against the authorities
    with outmoded tools made for a completely different world.

  4. the .brogamer says:

    But what happens when someone hacks the gun?

  5. CmdrGendoIkari says:

    If you succeed at prank calling the current commander in chief, then your
    house will magically disappear a few hours later when a hellfire missile
    plows into it and explodes.

  6. FixedByDoc OffGrid says:

    ok you have issues son.

  7. Gary Evans says:

    The discussion started about 250 years ago in tyrannical England. Those in
    power kept refusing to listen just as it’s been and is today here in the US
    as in numerous other countries. That refusal forced a revolution with
    freedom won after 100’s of thousands killed and injured. Those freedoms
    were put in writing and approved by all states. There’s NOTHING to discuss
    re THOSE freedoms but time for true Americans to come together and take
    back those freedoms back before all are taken.

  8. booger man says:

    sadly once they hack a porn site or some chicks webcam everything else
    stops :{P

  9. dawatcher9 says:

    the u.s. gov is like a psychopathic, paranoid schizophrenic, sociopathic,
    malignant narcissist who gets away with anything & everything no matter
    what he does. killing here, bombing over there, giving these guys weapons,
    giving those guys weapons, poisoning them, poisoning you, blaming you,
    blaming them, labelling anyone a terrorist who doesn’t agree with him, etc.
    not a shred of guilt of anything, especially when you scapegoat innocent
    others so they can take the blame. lol

  10. Dragon Butt says:

    People already do 😛

  11. Gary Evans says:

    There’s only one person I know that fits this bill, Ron Paul. Even though
    there is about one handful in DC that hasn’t sold out, even those will not
    start this type activity (they may join in later). Paul just started a news
    channel on the internet, “The Ron Paul Channel.com.” There is hope. If
    there had been a legit election, he would have won, but he didn’t join
    their club!

  12. 187AUDIOHOSTEM says:


  13. coval 77 says:


  14. Jakewolf69 says:

    Hey hackers, get some balls and do the right thing and stop Obama before
    its too late. We need heroes.

  15. Jasom says:

    Yes, the government (not just the NSA) sends plenty of people to scout out
    talent. They have for many years. There’s also a yearly competition called
    Spot the Fed, and if you successfully spot the fed, you get a t-shirt. I
    believe they cancelled this year due to the heat between the NSA and the
    hacker community.

  16. keyto808 says:

    I salute you Captain Crunch.

  17. CalvusAquila says:

    That was a very good piece. Thanks.

  18. CmdrGendoIkari says:

    Now you’re talking Tony Montana!!! 😀

  19. NichoTBE says:

    That call to nixon story was awesome

  20. defkon99 says:

    Because eating Ramen Noodles and sitting at a Computer for 20 Hours a day
    without exercise is unhealthy.

  21. Gary Evans says:

    It’s the old slowly boiling a frog in a cup of water that could have jumped
    out immediately when the water was cold but instead sat there until he was
    too far gone. That’s where we’ll be if we do not act now.

  22. psysprouts says:

    The issue is not whether is ok or not to spy on everyone, but rather that
    it’s illegal, unconstitutional, and those responsible are liars and

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