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Running Intel Xenon 5630, 80GB of RAM, 146GB 15K RPM Hard Drives. Multiplied by 6 blade servers. The rack mount also houses 6 power supplies for redundancies. Everything on the rack is hot swappable, including the fans. The idea behind thin clients is that the desktop tower we are all use to is replaced by a monitor and a little box that connects to the server and loads the OS with all the apps from the server. You can think of it like a dumb terminal from the old days. This makes it easier for the IT department to maintain and deploy applications from the server room. This is also more efficient with power and heat over the desktops not to mention it also saves a lot of space. The server and clients run a special version of called Windows 7 for Embedded Systems.

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11 Responses to Thin Client Server

  1. johnnythegeek1 says:

    @ATHORNFAM2 The money that bought these from of a grant. dang $30? What are the specs and what are you going to do with it?

  2. ATHORNFAM2 says:

    wish i had the money to get the thin clients just bought a dell poweredge 4600 for 30 bucks just gotta get more memory (hdd).

  3. jdcrispe95 says:

    @johnnythegeek1 Can i have the RAM and HDD’s and CPU before you blend it :3

  4. johnnythegeek1 says:

    @jdcrispe95 lol. in a big enough blender yes.

  5. jdcrispe95 says:

    but will it blend?

  6. johnnythegeek1 says:

    @LordSteinchen The IT center has a 40Gbit/s connection but the blade itself has a quad fiber channel connection. 4 times 4Gbit/s = 16Gbit/s

  7. LordSteinchen says:

    Very nice! Whats the network connection of the blade center? 10 Gbit/s?

  8. johnnythegeek1 says:

    @66jlopez inside an educational environment on a campus..

  9. 66jlopez says:

    @johnnythegeek1 thats retorical, where is the server room??? and dont say a it department

  10. johnnythegeek1 says:

    @66jlopez inside a server room

  11. 66jlopez says:

    where are you when u record

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