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25 Responses to Top Ten Antivirus Software – TopTenREVIEWS

  1. oO0glitcher0Oo says:

    @xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x kk

  2. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @oO0glitcher0Oo blocked

  3. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @oO0glitcher0Oo first off im not a kid. second off NORTON 360 most be doing its job my computer works fine. and when i get a virus NORTON 360 said it has detected a virus and is black so go fuck your self and stop sendding me message dick head.

  4. oO0glitcher0Oo says:

    @xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x you idiot, we didn’t say it slowed it down. we are trying to say the detection suks hairy nuts… false detection’s and when there is a virus it misses it! [FAIL] and that’s not everything… KID

  5. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @oO0glitcher0Oo well think what yall dumb fuckers want. i have NORTON 360 and i i like. it doesnt solw my computer like everyone think is does. yall just dont know how to set it up.

  6. oO0glitcher0Oo says:

    @xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x anybody can say that, you idiot…

  7. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @oO0glitcher0Oo Noob is something a kid would say!

  8. oO0glitcher0Oo says:

    @xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x lol norton sucks noob

  9. P4tTh3BiRd says:


  10. Coolpoo78 says:

    I have never heard of any of those anti-viruses xD

  11. khalidkhancricket says:

    what about Norton?

  12. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @TheKAM567 Norton 360 is the best. my computer was slow but now this thing is bad ass fast as hell! it only does everything that Avast doesnt do!

  13. TheKAM567 says:

    @xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x nah that’s nothing but crap trust me . what i recommend you do is switch to avast pro and then you shall tell me what you think

  14. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @toptenreviews you have no idea what your talking about.

  15. xGODLYxSKiLLeDx666x says:

    @TheKAM567 no its not. Norton 360 is the best!

  16. HAXORZ418 says:

    @toptenreviews Why you putted in avast pro? avast internet secure it better i’m sure it would win else.

  17. skater24481 says:

    @Theshofumiah1 norton fails like mcafee. it SLOWS down the computer. there both 6gb of ram. eset nod32 is only 2kb

  18. ponocni1 says:

    @Aznflipstuh9469 yes there are avast antivirus free for home

    has got antivirus, antispyware, a lot kinds of shields sandbox, webrep, and test before start. and lots ofother things. and its nearly full antivirus not like another free with only some funcions

  19. ponocni1 says:

    hmm only british things because czech product avast antivirus free is better than lots of this suck antivirus. can you say to me how much did they paid you?

  20. MrMajmuncina says:

    Justin Bieber?

  21. nicenoob56 says:

    @Aznflipstuh9469 yes avast free antivirus does everything for free

  22. TheKAM567 says:

    Avast is the best Anti-Virus is the world !!!! that should be no.1 in your list !!!!

  23. Theshofumiah1 says:

    what about NORTON 360, or is that just a british thing:()

  24. pokerbmx1 says:

    @Aznflipstuh9469 avira

  25. JONATHAN1764RoBlOx says:

    i thought anti virus plus was fake….

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