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The second in [email protected] series of Intel’s world-class data centers, this video tours a data center that was once a wafer fabrication facility (fab) with a 3-story design and several distinct data centers within it. See innovations in data center power delivery and air cooling, as well as one of the world’s fastest super computers. For more stories from Intel IT – visit

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25 Responses to Tour of an Intel Datacenter Retrofitted from a Factory Building

  1. hellohuy says:

    @marianxtreme by which gives people jobs

  2. TechnicCreations says:

    I would have thought if there was a leak that would be detrimental and is too much of a risk.

  3. TylertheGeek28 says:

    @TechnicCreations Yeah most ” critical ” or high end servers that can’t afford to go down so they use water

  4. Nvidiaguides says:

    Minecraft servers?

  5. marianxtreme says:

    so there is where pentium 4 3gz ht was made and it was weaker than athlon 64 but still a lot of stupid guys bought it, fuck intel they made lot of money from poor people.

  6. TechnicCreations says:

    It’s the most awesome water cooled PC ever!

  7. TheDantonable says:

    my gosh! this is awesome!

  8. hehehaw says:

    @tobiastimpe I was expecting something more too, although they probably have other solutions they don’t want to reveal

  9. tobiastimpe says:

    wow, 10 minutes

  10. lequebecois2 says:

    @MetalShreader probably doing stuff for architecture and design of new chips,tools,maybe emulate the chip before its done to see if its doing what it should? or just because they can would probably be the reason 😛

  11. ZophtX says:

    Biometrics for security !! NICE ^^

  12. apostolisxa says:

    @zakzak531 what do u mean?

  13. zakzak531 says:

    I wonder what is their PUE.

  14. apostolisxa says:

    i wonder how it would be to play paintball in there.

  15. apostolisxa says:


  16. Hugobros3 says:

    intel use windows vista. fuck.

  17. MetalShreader says:

    so what does intel even use these number crunchers for, like what exactly are these mission critical applications?

  18. Tesdeixero says:

    I am looking any donation to end use any HW anybody doesnt need. Including all outdated SPCs etc.

  19. TalesOfWar says:

    @dioucastro Yep, I’m pretty sure of it. The Opetron server CPU’s were an influence on the current Nehalem based Intel CPU architecture. There was a good couple of years where AMD really spanked Intel in terms of new server builds on these kind of scales. A lot of the top Supercomputers run AMD chips too along side things like the POWER6 from IBM (which was superseded with the POWER7).

  20. dioucastro says:

    is there any chance of such a server has AMD chip? ;D

  21. cataha says:

    That’s a bit outdated, where is all the moisture goes? from a water, concrete? Security and many other things are way way outdated

  22. phase866 says:


  23. GMdark11 says:

    ;D skynet

  24. vijayatube says:

    how is d future scope for the data center professionals????????

  25. DavidRockin1 says:

    now i wanna be there….or work there 😛

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