Randyesc asked:

This video is just to disable your Mcafee anti-virus temporary 1-Open Security Center (Mcafee icon located on task bar right click on top of the icon) 2-Click on left bottom corner on Configure 3-Click on Computer and Files 4-Then on Virus Protection Box Click off and if you want turn back on just follow the steps again! Thanks you for Watching.

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25 Responses to Turn off Mcafee Anti-virus Temporary

  1. straty01 says:

    mcafee = caff caff caff splutter splutter s l o w d o w n y o u r p c

  2. HeadHunter58100 says:

    @JeFfHaRdY9571 Windows 7 owns!

  3. extremehardy360 says:

    it aint working i cant open the mcafee security center

  4. harshith50 says:

    /watch?v=XhgsZy_wOlw watch this video for how to disable mcafee antivirus 2011!!!

  5. LalaDaDi says:

    everytime i right click McAfee The “open secuirtycenter does not work.

  6. Dominic3860 says:

    hey mine is mcafee oas how to disable it

  7. MiniGlitchi123 says:

    Muhawaha!! Die McAfee!!

  8. thepredatorwinner says:

    nice disable but mcafee is worst antivirus

  9. chedid1234 says:

    @AnimeFanOwns me too

  10. JeFfHaRdY9571 says:

    windows 7 is a bullshit

  11. KingPC66 says:

    Do you have a tutorial for the newest version of McAfee?

  12. nanoo04 says:

    what program did u use for this video?

  13. Manjgo says:

    I agree with ENDORPHINSAM. How to hell can you turn Mcafee anti-virus off when you’ve got the newest version/update..? D: Please make one

  14. TheSlm56 says:

    now do one for windows 7

  15. avi256 says:

    thank you, thank you… it was helpfull

  16. zloadesf says:


    oh.. you should use notepad next time…. word is kinda noobish for videos..

  17. ENDORPHINSAM says:

    Help: I have like the newest version of Mcafee and when I right click on it it only shows this: “Update now” “Scan Tasks” “Help” and “About” Iv already tried looking in Help. it told me to go into Administrative Menu or somthing and click “Disable Mcafee” But the question is, were the hell is Administrative Menu? And With me there isnt any McAfee shortcut on my Desktop either so its really hard to do PLEASE HELP

  18. bugsnabu says:

    @AnimeFanOwns Just play around with the software….your computer won’t belly up if you not protected for a couple of hours…..Just to be on the safe side….create a system restore point before you start playing so if your computer does go wacky…you can restore it either from your safe mode or system restore….have fun.

  19. 123fetsund says:

    THANK YOU!!! 😀

  20. badman468 says:

    ty so much! 5/5 Only becuase i wanted to know for like AGES

  21. thorri0506 says:

    thank you, i thougt i was a computer genius* but…i’m not ..

  22. mitnddom2k10 says:

    I have a mcafee Internet security trial from sky broadband and it won’t open what shall I do

  23. Arsonist99 says:

    Hi, i recently installed Mcafee, and since then whenever i try to download .rar files they stop at 99% and just freeze. I have been told its because of Mcafee, and have disabled everything, but they still freeze at 99%, any ideas?

  24. AnimeFanOwns says:

    My mcafee is different from yours

  25. DoomEternal says:


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