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How to spoof an IP address while scanning with Nmap. Part of a series of video tutorials about nmap and network hacking

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24 Responses to Using Nmap: Spoofing an IP Address

  1. dexterx1978 says:

    Lol I crashed my friends website, and using his IP address he couldn’t work it out!

  2. riking8 says:

    @saolthedarkone What if your IP is banned somewhere?

  3. ross817 says:

    “man nmap”

    There, I saved you another random YouTube search for nmap documentation.

  4. jandros2 says:

    @forkane69 the instructions are on there web site i take it you a windows user you need to put the nmap directory in the root of your c directory then install wincap4 i think it is the go to cmd type in
    cd c:\nmap press enter nmap then your commands its so simple please don’t mess around with it if you don’t know what you’re doing you may find you’re self in jail or shot

  5. ConquerorZeil says:

    @saolthedarkone And this is why skiddies shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet.

  6. forkane69 says:

    i have the GUI version of nmap installed can you tell me how to install the command line version of nmap

  7. TheMichal1214 says:

    windows is crash !

  8. bigwang45feet says:

    @saolthedarkone noob you know that you can change your ip to your victims and hit nim offline right go sucka dick…..piff fukin nobbs

  9. LemonPieLoL says:

    @powerdbycomedy you truly are an idiot.

  10. LemonPieLoL says:

    @saolthedarkone actually he faked the source address. pointless really, unless used with a spoofed range + the real source to avoid an IDS or obfuscate evidence.

  11. OThePestO says:

    lol Most pointless tutorial EVER!!!

  12. thekitoper says:

    @bmob01 macchanger -A

  13. bmob01 says:

    @MrSiebel actually your MAC is recognized by your router (if using one) and is used to share information between computers on your network. When you plug in your cpu to the router (or wireless connection) your computer gives its MAC to the router and any computer that wants to reach yours says “I’m trying to reach JOE at MAC address (hexadecimal)” and reply comes back with “IP is (32 bit address)”

  14. mambamore says:


    ahhahha that was a good one!!!!

  15. Greenadee says:

    @saolthedarkone Actually, it does do stuff. Say you are at a coffee shop, and you have to pay for the WiFi, there is already a person in the coffee shop who has paid for the WiFi and is on the net. You can spoof your internal IP and your MAC address and trick the router into believing you are him. Therefore, free WiFi at your local coffee shop…

  16. SonividSulegnaEkez says:

    @saolthedarkone Yea, anonymous can’t do shit when they change their IP to do a DDoS attack. XD

  17. Nervejunktion says:


    I agree with what your saying except you obviously have no idea how useful nmap is. With little more then a cmd prompt, nmap and telnet you can explore the universe. Only a fool would argue.

  18. powerdbycomedy says:

    @Nervejunktion i know wat nmap is stupid $kiddie program.
    bitch cannot C++
    learn to winsock.
    Also there is no point to spoofing the internal IP
    because the internet/ games see your external(internal means inside durr)

  19. Nervejunktion says:


    all of your points are bullshit.
    + if you don’t know what nmap is then you shouldn’t even be making any comments.

  20. Zubb1987 says:

    Why are you all flaming him? The whole point is to spoof the internal IP. What exactly could you accomplish in spoofing a dynamic external IP? And you can’t say it’s script kiddie shit. CEH experts who analyze malware and secure networks use nmap internally to seek out intrusions on the network.

  21. TedWinni says:

    @saolthedarkone gets you unbanned form games…

  22. p0werc0rdz says:


  23. powerdbycomedy says:

    1windows hm thats an early warning
    2uses nmap/other programs (its probably some skiddie shit)
    3spoofs Internal ip(lol its not even skiddie shit, u definately fooled your family and pwned them here)

  24. bobcurwen24 says:

    You may want to do this if your wanting to diploy a smurf attack :D.
    However most networks where this kind of attack would take place are now immune to these. E.g my router under the DDoS/DoS defence has anti smurf attack etc. Was a very good attack though.

  25. MrSiebel says:

    Besides that fun fact, you spoofed a wireless ip not an external ip. Assuming you were trying to make yourself obscure from someone else over the internet and not your parents whom are on the wireless network at home.

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