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In this Video, I show you how to use the basic functions of Wireshark. I know there are lots of tutorials out there but in this one, I am going to cut the junk and get straight to the functions. My Website: To get Wireshark My Email: [email protected]

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25 Responses to Wireshark Basics Tutorial

  1. gawantu says:

    me aparece eso en la conver me eplicas por qe? plis osea en ves qe me aparesca LO QE ESCRIBEN ME APARECE ESTO truncated DataUserTileLocation>

  2. ping6uod says:

    only thing that i disagree on is your music preference.

  3. gersie777 says:

    if it wasnt for that fucking music I would have watched it

  4. slavic1237 says:

    1. Protocol
    2. Edit = Find Packet
    3. Find By: String, Filter: (test)
    4. Enter….

  5. blueyesalexya says:

    @mdhaase that’s why you are equiped with a mouth so you can suck a dick you fucking idiot

  6. mdhaase says:

    .hmmm that is why computers or laptops are equiped with volume controls. (smile) I had to say it….you put yourself out there.

  7. mdhaase says:

    ….hmmm that is why computers or laptops are equiped with volume controls. (smile) I had to say it….you put yourself out there.

  8. mdhaase says:

    I watched this video and followed what you did step by step but was unable to find the word TEST from my google search. I have taken a screen shot but don’t know how to upload it here on YouTube. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  9. blueyesalexya says:

    this music sucks , it hurts my ears

  10. 035545 says:

    how do u do it for pulling ip over xbox live?

  11. TyRATnt says:

    This is a very good tutorial thanks.

  12. Nucleric says:

    Anyone who is kind enough to post a wealth of knowledge video is much appreciated lol

  13. viesuro says:

    @ceomeye turn mute on

  14. Mr2012Pat says:

    Pure BS.

    Why do so many dickholes insist on putting gay music on their youtube videos?

    It always seems to be this infuriating american nickleback-esque shite fucking “rock” where the singer seems to be suffering the after effects of a stroke which makes him pronounce sounds in a strange and extremely annoying manner.

  15. Adamman715 says:

    Awesome taste in music dude……..

  16. Netino78 says:

    this is horrible

  17. RickyTomatoes says:

    You forgot to include a proper disclaimer. Now, if I get caught hacking I’m gonna blame you, LOL.

    Just kidding.

  18. NecroSlavery says:


    What an utterly pathetic response. Iquorum is only trying to help you.

  19. chicospaintingco says:

    nice video, could be in HD but not complaining. thanks

  20. powerdistortion says:


    Bro… i totally like it.. really appreciate your effort.. im completely new to it… and I could understand a lot bout what Wireshark can do.. for the ones who can not understand at all.. (read divinityzoo) maybe they are not qualified enough… 😉

  21. anuj6111 says:

    this is a crap video no use of watchin

  22. spooler2 says:

    This video sucks ass. Dont bother watching it. Stupid music and text editor..

  23. SlipperyStanBunnyMan says:

    Is this the best you can do? You gotta get out of trying to teach people, this is very poor.

  24. popwillpopwillpopwil says:

    asshole lose the music and the comments about your weak ass comp and get to the good stuff. i hate u

  25. aka08lewman says:

    is there a version that supports windows 7 ?

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