NarpytheCrimeDog asked:

Short tutorial on stealing passwords with Wireshark

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25 Responses to Wireshark – Password Stealing

  1. aka99killer says:


    true most are encrypted but if you get the hash you might aswell ignore the login screen and login directly to the server

  2. kkdieeuus says:

    i got a boner

  3. goldiebakeman2 says:


  4. aviavati says:

    it doesnt fuckinq work this

  5. lightvsdark001 says:

    @NarpytheCrimeDog lol

  6. NarpytheCrimeDog says:


    This is true; however, the majority of people use the same password for everything. Which means if you can throw this on their network, they will eventually supply you with a password to Facebook or something.
    Also, even if it is encrypted, you can always try to locate the hash and try looking the hash up in several hash dictionaries on the web.

  7. NewtMcNED says:

    @NarpytheCrimeDog Seems pretty accurate to me.

  8. Lokivoid says:

    “its really easy” umm no just a unencrypted packet, most login’s of value are encrypted, this is a weee bit more complex than just sniffing out plain text HTML. such as intercepting preshare keys and hash decryption.

  9. WakkoXtreme says:

    Narpy is the man

  10. ampikine says:

    @NarpytheCrimeDog depends on your definition of stealing. If you use a police scanner to pickup police transmissions is that stealing? Not in my opinion.

  11. TheAlbinoCarrots says:

    cool vid. nice job.

  12. NarpytheCrimeDog says:



  13. darcslayer1 says:


  14. NarpytheCrimeDog says:


    You’re an idiot. It can easily be used for stealing when you use it with an open mind.

  15. respectxtimes777 says:

    Hmmm the title says stealing, but ur actually just sniffing, so your not really elaborating any method or function, its just plain text for he/she who can use a legal software as wireshark…. so my point is should it still be considered stealing?

  16. TriCorce says:

    Wouldn’t usually work on sites with encrypted login, but if you were to dig around after the unencrypted cookies are sent the first time around, poof, there’s the auth. same principle behind Firesheep. If website designers leave encrypted logins, then dammit encrypt those cookies or there is little point. Full out SSL is ideal.

  17. DemonKingHiro says:

    @grazik88 oh so i suppose you like the toturials where the do shit with no explainations and shity music

  18. blackdog5703 says:

    good video, one of the best for wireshark tutorials. buncha faggots commenting though…

  19. watchmyshoes22 says:

    @NarpytheCrimeDog stop hurting peoples feelings

  20. WakkoXtreme says:

    your a beast dude.

  21. 86Volker says:

    what about nmap?

  22. jllerk says:

    so when your lazy as fuck haha your so funny dude keep em cumming! 😛

  23. daskittlezman says:

    how do you get internet keys? with this?

  24. Silverormen says:

    Wow… YOu almoust stole your own password. Don´t learn kidz to do this man!

  25. krazednconfused says:

    @rechristel i’d probably append that. “Use scripts or programs developed by others while lacking knowledge of the underlying concepts…”

    nobody wants to re-write nmap, but the pros definitely use it.

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