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The easyway: user boyfriendable recommends www.videodl.org sticksquash says the download helper firefox extension still works addons.mozilla.org wasserbrunner says these sites still work convertdirect.com vixy.net youtubex.com MiscellaneousP says you can use the address cache.googlevideo.com then just attach the video ID at the end. powerups151 says www.keepvid.com More addons.mozilla.org addons.mozilla.org 1024k.de www.softpedia.com www.orbitdownloader.com Ok lol, I’ll let you check the comments for more recommendations or this list will be insanely long. Either way wireshark is a good program to know how to use so don’t dismiss this program too quickly. Wireshark www.wireshark.org winpcap www.winpcap.org If the icon on x.html doesn’t change: go to any folder go to view – folder options – view – and uncheck the box that says hide extension for known file types. I usually delete the video after I upload it to youtube so If I want to be able to share my videos on other sites or share my old videos with friends its convenient to get the flv location. This is sort of an advanced tutorial so I doubt a whole lot of people will be able to understand it well, but it’s worth it if you want to save time not screen capturing as an alternative. Let me know which sites still work. %%software

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25 Responses to Wireshark tutorial: find yt flv file. See Vid Description.

  1. jimmyrcom says:

    See Vid Description.

  2. smalldude55 says:

    this takes 5 times longer than if you use v downloader. you can download from stage 6 youtube myspace and more! its only like 634 kb

  3. Chrutonius says:

    Haha, why do you have a bug in 03:08 ?
    Some kind of “Submess” ?

  4. Shaun750 says:

    Makes it hard work.
    Just tried Vdownloader and worked fine.
    It converts all in one no problem to mpeg or avi whichever you choose.

  5. Pindaboom says:

    I luv your videos, and it actually works:D

  6. ClosedSpaghetti says:

    I am SO lost. 🙂

  7. Gnmon says:

    thanks : )

  8. darthoni16 says:

    another nice tutorial sir jimmy, keep it up dude… thanks!!! 🙂

  9. TravisZeckert says:

    Zamzar is the best, better I have ever used and works perfectly and converts files.

  10. bondd47 says:

    Awesome! Thanx Jim! I used this tecnique to rip some music from hypem dot com! Worked!:) Embedded music for everybody!:)

  11. vmistry94 says:

    woops sorry i commented on wrong video!…sorry

  12. vmistry94 says:

    i dont get the updates anymore, i still got thw wireshark one in igoogle, and the firefox bookmark thing, they both get the wireshark one, and winekone still gets geeky to creepy, hes got a new video but it hasnt been updated and its the same for the rest…anything else up your sleeve?

  13. talonzhar says:

    awesome, I reckon I’m going to have to watch this a few times to get it right.

  14. Zoneman1 says:

    shut up Bebich00 he banned you for a reason!

  15. samphilomath says:

    that’s alright.
    And sometime it is so simple.

  16. jensenj08 says:

    there is a way around everything

  17. samphilomath says:

    You can download youtube flv files without using websites, Firefox extensions or download software. I just made a video tutorial for it.

  18. rainbowbowserpow9999 says:

    yes you finnaly found out i knew happend and it sucks BIG balls because i normally use VOEH to get the videos ..thanks for the HELP JIMMY!

  19. Winsucker says:

    u can encoded it with Vlc itself ^^.

  20. locologan187 says:

    there is an easier way to do this. get media pirate, its a firefox add on.

  21. bebich00 says:

    jimmy is the shit Chris Pirillo sucks he baned me like a fucking pussy

  22. computerchris78590 says:

    jimmyrcom, i made text document and renamed it to x.html and the icon never changed. Why is this?

  23. ForgivenForSure says:

    What the heck is wrong with people?! Jimmy rocks!

    I do have to admit, it is a bit complicated just to download the video, but one the plus side, this is a great way to share videos with your friends on youtube! Just send them that link at the end and there you go! Since many of my friends don’t know about sites like vixy…

  24. BurberryG says:

    wats ur prob dude? jimmy is just tryin 2 help people do stuff u n u gotta b all stupid n shit

  25. mikeyfbi says:


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