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Senator Wants Answers on PlayStation Network Breach.ys after Congress announced plans to tackle the iPhone tracking issue, a Connecticut senator is also asking for answers about Sony’s PlayStation Network security breach. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, wrote to Sony president Jack Tretton on Tuesday, expressing concern that the company did not immediately notify its customers about the breach and asking that Sony provide them with access to financial data security services. Sony’s PlayStation network has been having issues since last Wednesday, but it was not until last night that Sony confirmed that hackers had obtained personal information from the network, which possibly included credit cards. Sony said it expects to “restore some services” within a week, but did not elaborate. Blumenthal said he was “troubled” by Sony’s delayed reaction. “A breach of such a widely used service immediately raises concerns of data privacy, identity theft, and other misuse of sensitive personal and financial data, such as names, email addresses, and credit and debit card information,” he wrote. Blumenthal suggested that Sony provide customers with access to free credit reports for two years. “Affected individuals should also be provided with sufficient insurance to protect them from the possible financial consequences of identity theft,” he said. In a Tuesday blog post, Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications and social media at Sony, insisted that “there’s a

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25 Responses to Worst security breach ever playstation network hacked Not xbox live “identity theft”

  1. kbotpop says:

    @jifyum07 he’s dryhumping his ps3

  2. UNCHARTEDuniverse says:


    I don’t even know how to respond to this video.

    I will add it to favorites.

  3. tvmasta1 says:

    i did it
    ……no not really i have xbox

  4. iDjGio says:

    Call of Duty 4? Stop spending your money on crack and get a new game

  5. PSPn00bz says:

    CALL OF DUTY ! 😀

  6. cententrixxx says:


  7. TheManPizzy23 says:

    LMFAOOO black people so jokes

  8. DeathMurloc says:


  9. Sideswipe787 says:

    give me the PS3

  10. Wafflehunter321 says:

    did he get it back?

  11. kimdalanxa says:


  12. tonik165 says:


  13. dennis13021 says:

    look if you wont to hackit writh in youtube how to jailbreak ps3 and writh your ps3
    model number

  14. OpticGoat2120 says:

    lol…drops his playstation

  15. papapapenis says:

    @TheNbakiller1 i wasnt trying to be funny. lad

  16. TheNbakiller1 says:

    @papapapenis not funny lad

  17. luis63rd20 says:

    lol smart little ten years pizz

  18. Bballboy15Ps3 says:


  19. papapapenis says:

    @jifyum07 he’s black, do you really expect him to be able to afford electricity, a ps3 AND clothing?

  20. Huqzzz says:

    You to damn grown for this bullshit.

  21. k4444bab1 says:

    and i thought i was weird 0_o………….

  22. DemoIish says:

    @MultiSonyps3 It’s only meant to entertain, lol.

  23. 1XxGoldenxX1 says:

    And this is what happens when you get addicted to cod….

  24. SuperKnight3744 says:

    damn this guy is strong O_o

  25. johnnyboyzes26 says:

    What the hell>??????

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