rynesandbergfan23 asked:

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18 Responses to ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012 Test and Review

  1. Caseysvids says:

    @ 0:50
    I know what you mean, it was awful.

  2. rynesandbergfan23 says:

    @dcaine100 I don’t know. . . . As I stated in the video I couldn’t run a scan with my second opinion scanners and ZoneAlarm could not give me a definitive answer.

  3. dcaine100 says:

    PS what it did find it couldn’t treat!

  4. dcaine100 says:

    ZoneAlarm completely failed not only did it miss infections but it declared some malware as safe and contradicted itself on 3 occasions saying that the file was infected then at the same time saying the file was safe!

  5. froesesp says:

    It’s probably just an .exe file association problem, the malware made a registry change, I’ve seen this many times.

  6. BullseyeVidz says:

    What’s a exploit?

  7. dragonforcecanada says:

    LOL my Hitman Pro just poped up (I was scanning my Comp for any unwanted cookies) and it made it look like it was apart of the vid xD

  8. rynesandbergfan23 says:

    @Ryansvids99 Just because one engine uses another security companies signatures DOES NOT mean that it will perform well. ZoneAlarm uses Kaspersky signatures only, but does not use the Kaspersky engine. There is a difference between signatures and an engine. If the engine is not built well, it won’t matter what signatures are used, the program will fail.

  9. Ryansvids99 says:

    Its weird because does Zone Alarm not use Kasperskys signatures?

  10. boreoutofmybrain44 says:

    It’s really sad seeing big time companies like Zonealarm fail miserably, their firewall’s okay, but their antivirus just plain out SUCKS. I’m sorry but it does. There are only a handful of good AV’s out there and most of them are paid, there are only two free AV’s I’d recommend, being six paid ones. It’s just sad. Zonealarm definitely failed. Free AV’s are: Comodo and AVAST! Paid ones: GDATA,, FSECURE, Trend Micro, Webroot, Norton, Kaspersky.

  11. Ryansvids99 says:

    wow what a failure!

  12. USoundMad says:

    I agree links were terrible i tried to infect my VM and ill i got was renos and downloaders. Oh and one rogue.

  13. rynesandbergfan23 says:

    @wingscancer It didn’t work in safe mode either, I just did not show it. I don’t use a bootable cd because if I can’t scan in user mode or safe mode with my second opinion scanners because of a malware infection, I consider the product that I tested to have failed.

  14. rynesandbergfan23 says:

    @SuperGEORGE1993 Dude, I am not trying to be a jerk, but that makes absolutely no sense. So according to what you are saying a security program should only protect you if it doesn’t run across “really bad” malware? Maybe you should double check what the purpose of your security software is then.

  15. wingscancer says:

    scan a safe mode with out update? or bootable cd

  16. stuartvthomas says:

    It seems though whenever you click ‘advanced treat’ it made IE act up. Zone Alarm to me looks too confusing anyway for the average user, how they expect users to know what is malware or not is really a joke. Nice review, hope you get better.

  17. SuperGEORGE1993 says:

    i own zonealarm and it’s very good in your tests you got really bad malware because of that system infected

  18. theicon2020 says:

    nice review, maybe u can do few firewall tests would be nice cuz no1 is doing them yet

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