languy99 asked:

Testing the new zonealarm

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25 Responses to ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012

  1. nofallyaqoo says:

    @Hacker92h هلا والله
    تحيااااااتي يا وردة
    واشكرك كل الشكر على مشاركتك خبرتك للبرنامج معي وبارك الله بروحك
    بس عندي سؤال اشكد سعر البرنامج ؟؟؟؟

  2. Hacker92h says:

    هلا اخوي
    استخدمت البرنامج مدة 6 أشهر تقريبا صراحة برنامج مميز و استثنائي يختلف عن باقي برامج الحماية اللي أستخدمتهم قبل لكن أتطريت أحذفه لأن سيريلاته و كراكاته قليلة و نزلت البت ديفندر 2011 بداله وعلى فكرة محرك الأنتي الفايروس الموجود فيه هو محرك الكاسبر سكاي لكن البرنامج فيه خواص ثانية تتفوق على الكاسبر.
    مشكلة البرنامج الوحيدة أنا كراكاته ناااادرة جدا و سيريلاته قليلة
    معلومة أخي: البرنامج أسرائيلي يعني لا تفكر تشتريه

  3. nofallyaqoo says:

    for how long did u use it ?????
    لكم من الوقت انت استعملته اخي وشكرا ولاتنسى تعطيني رأيك بالبرنامج حسب تجربتك اخووووووي



  4. Hacker92h says:

    One of the best protection I’ve ever used.

  5. supermanrulez2085 says:

    You should test PC pit stop supershield real soon. They make a lot of claims

  6. jaesob1 says:

    i guess it’s a pretty tough IS suite, but why don’t they just build it so settings are preset, the settings really should be simplified so users don’t spend an hour configuring this & figuring it all out..i was thinking the same thing about the advanced scan being automatic! there are just too many things to deal with that seem should be made easier to use in my opinion 🙁 very disappointing to see it miss that many given all the steps you have to take to make it ‘protect.’

  7. Zestypanda says:

    @languy99 Hey, why did you top using Mbam? It’s a great program.

  8. Ryansvids99 says:

    @TransitionalSpecies No like when i went to install another antivirus it detected that comodo was installed and it offered to remove it for me automatically… lol

  9. TimTimsMusic says:

    I think the “force field” component of this product is doing all of the work.

  10. Topspy001 says:

    Thank GOD, they changed their interface…

  11. TransitionalSpecies says:

    @Ryansvids99 Another antivirus got rid of it? Why would an antivirus get rid of Comodo? Are you sure it wasn’t just a virus causing the problems?

  12. MrArnold1972 says:

    @Ryansvids99 What do you mean comodo expired.?
    comodo does not “expire”
    You must have just had a bad install.

  13. Defqon1975 says:

    @Ryansvids99 SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, its running great on W7, if u dont know how to use it, dont!

  14. nsm0220 says:

    gdata 2012 came out of beta can you test it

  15. 26psyside says:


    Do not use those 2 together, MBAM pro is good to use with some basic antivirus, but not with Avast, Norton, Comodo or Kaspersky etc.

  16. Ryansvids99 says:

    @TransitionalSpecies Yeah and neither have I, I dont know what happened it, it just would not come off the system, and even when i rebooted after i ran the uninstaller it stopped my internet connection and the mouse pad on my laptop froze. I then had to do a system restore and fortunatly another antivirus got rid of it for me…

  17. TransitionalSpecies says:

    @Ryansvids99 I’ve never seen it do that before. I have it installed on three of my own computers and both of my parents as well. It’s installed on XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It did crash for the first time on me yesterday, but upon restart everything went back to normal.

  18. Ryansvids99 says:

    Never will i use comodo internet security 2011 again, i installed it, left it and it expired. Tried to uninstall it but it corrupted and was not in add/remove programmes list, i then clicked on the programme to try and reinstall or repair it but it done nothing, so i downloaded the uninstaller. Uninstalled it, rebooted and what happens? laptop freezes, internet shuts down, etc. Such a shit shit piece of software to try and uninstall! never touch comodo…

  19. Eragon86micky says:


  20. bbbbweb says:

    @N00bizme MalwareDomainList and Malc0de

  21. J0KKI says:

    @N00bizme probably malwaredomainlist

  22. beloeavenue says:

    HI languy I`ve been using Avast 6 free+Malwarebytes pro. I seem to get no problems at all, I`d be interested in your opinion, Thanks.

  23. N00bizme says:

    languy99 where do you get all your viruses from,I DL’ed some viruses,only to find them to be from 1990-1995.

  24. ballader1 says:

    This is the difference between KIS and ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm might use the Kaspersky’s av signatures, but signatures are not enough! we need 0-day protection and ZoneAlarm doesn’t offer it as good as KIS, but you are right about the PUP, it is not harmful, it is legal but it can be used by another person to harm your pc and the user should be able to choose for himself whether to detect PUPs or not.

  25. ramzes9876 says:

    Keep up good work!

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